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Status: August 16th

2007-08-16 19:55:30 by AL0NE

Hello everyone! I Just signed up today and thought I'd make a post. Dont know what too say here but the crying face got really annoying.

So, just gonna say that I'll be posting music by tomorrow. I make ambient music and trance music.

Basically I'm just saying hi and getting familiar in newgrounds soon.

That's it for now.



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2007-08-16 22:32:17

Whatever you do DON'T do the following

1. Make a thread asking how long it takes to get music verified. It only happens the first time you submit, and it usually takes a few days (1-4).

2. Make a thread about music making programs. Although I assume you already have a program, there is a huge list of programs in the Audio Forum Sticky. And the most common programs are Fl Studio and Reason.

3. Make a thread about checking out your audio. There is an advertisement thread for that already.

Other than that, welcome to Newgrounds. I guess.

AL0NE responds:

He he, thanks man. Good thing I didn't upload any music yet =P


2007-08-17 10:56:19

Newgrounds people are good to have. Rank EXP and shit.

AL0NE responds:

eh.. I might. But i'm too lazy right now at this time of year.